Everything known comes from the ground.

It is the basis of all of our tangibility. Everything we can touch (and a few things we cannot) have been birthed from it in one way or another.

The ground. Both earth, but also, a connection to the earth.

Electrically, the ground speaks of the invisible waves of energy which hug its curvature, bouncing from protuberance to protuberance, antenna to antenna. It signifies the vast potential of the terrestrial, while suggesting an infinite capacity to absorb, whether that be weather, seismic energy from below, atmospheric energy from above or electrical currents, both natural and human engineered.

We have exploited it in many ways to grow our technology in leaps and bounds, most of which has returned to ground. Objects distinctly transformed from their origins, whose functions have begun a period of obsolescence which materially, will take centuries to complete.